You Cant Understand

Let me count your monsters

Let me count your demons

Let me count your scars

Show me your imperfections they are what make you beautiful

Band/Sad/Black and white blog

17 year old, single, bisexual girl, that loves tattoos, piercings and bands

Looking for my Alice in the fucked up wonderland

Your Lovely Chelsea Smile

Chelsea oh darling of mine
Won’t you cut me ear to ear
Please darling please make my smile shine
Promise me promise me there’s nothing to fear
Ensure a clean cut when the knife goes slice, ear to ear
Make me beautiful, take my sadness away
Carve a smile on my lips, a smile there to stay
Now that I’ve washed all the blood away I look just like you and i wouldn’t have it any other way
Your eyes they shine with that devious grin
Now let’s go make people smile, let’s go wash away sin
With the blood of the guilty and the tears of the weak
A smile like yours darling is all they need to seek
-Sonia Bautista

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